Anamorphose Installation

Rainer Arke, 2014
Leinwand Composing in Trapezform gerahmt 3-D
Bildinhalt verändert sich mit Neigung
Rahmen und Bild nach vornr kippend
Ca. 100 x 120 cm

Boden trapezförmig Kunstrasen
eingelassene Wasserfläche Plexiglas,
Fisch 2 Teile Ton, Blattmetall vergoldet
Ca. 120 x 100 cm

anamorphic installation

Rainer Arke, 2014
linen cloth composing framed in trapezoidal 3D shape
picture content changes with grade of view
frame and picture tilt over to the front
approx. 100 x 120 cm

trapezoidal bottom is made of artifical turf
embedded waterarea is composed of plexiglas
the fish is a two part clay object, leafmetall is gold-plated approx. 120 x 100 cm